St. George’s Abbey Museum

Saint George’s Abbey is a cultural gem of the Lake Constance region. Large parts of the former Benedictine monastery are well preserved and these now enjoy the protection of the Swiss Confederation.
The tour affords access to the former convent, the abbot’s houses and the gardens.

Untere Abtsstube

Modern technology is used so that visitors can learn about the history of the place while savouring its unique atmosphere.


The Abbey is lavishly appointed with wood carvings and murals telling of its former glory and of the high level of education of the monks who lived there. The highlight of the tour is the recently reopened Banquet Hall. Its magnificent murals are important both as testimony to a Humanist education and as one of the earliest examples of Renaissance art north of the Alps.


The gardens idyllically situated on the banks of the Rhine also form part of the tour. These were recently restored and enlarged to include a garden for medicinal plants.